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What does a wealth management expert do?

Because entrepreneurs and families are usually focused on other activities that require a more constant focus, it is a very common mistake that wealth management remains in the background and is somewhat neglected.

Following our family business approach, at 394 Corcega we strive to address this issue by protecting your assets and optimizing their profitability. We always seek the balance between security and risk, with the goal of giving you the peace of mind that you strive so hard to achieve in the future.

Servicios Inversiones

Investment advice

Choosing the asset well is the most important job when investing. That is why we accompany you in this process by searching for assets and carrying out financial and risk studies.

Sales management

To reduce the risks, we help you close the sale from the due diligence process, through the execution of the contract, to the deed of the same.

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Asset conditioning

We prepare the asset with everything we need
needs for its correct exploitation or sale:
○ License management
○ Permit request
○ Reforms

Investment management

It is as important to know how to buy an asset as it is to exploit it correctly. And it is also the heaviest part of all. For this reason, we are in charge of marketing, rental management, payment of taxes, management with the community of neighbors, maintenance and incidents.

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Servicios Gestion

Sale of assets

The best way to capture all the value generated in the investment is to sell it:
○ Marketing
○ Tax study
○ Sale closing process.